Bruno Major’s instagram of this (x)

He co wrote “Words” with Darren.

I wonder if this is co written or written by Darren.

Curiosity is killing me. These words are beautiful.

"There will be many other nights like this,

I’ll be standing here with someone new,

there will be other songs to sing,

another fall, another spring.

But there will never be another you.

There will be other lips that I may kiss,

But then won’t thrill me like yours used to do.

I may dream a million dreams

But how can they come true,

If there will never ever be another you?”

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flirty wink romwe

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And to your left you see Darren in his natural habitat


Darren being ridiculously sweaty before “Words”
(GIFs made from my video)

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Reblog this if you’re a CrissColfer shipper. No questions, just do. It’ll make sense later.

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Duggie_Dugz: @DarrenCriss mr u are a star!!!

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For the record, I find Robin Thicke’s Blurred Lines morally reprehensible (but incredibly catchy).

This Weird Al version made me laugh and laugh and laugh.  It speaks to my inner English professor.  

I almost choked to death trying not to laugh out loud watching this at work earlier today.

God bless you Al Yankovic, you’ve taken a catchy yet disgusting song and actually made it catchy and enjoyable.

memorydragon bless you for bringing this to my attention

Bless Weird Al for making this masterpiece


I am like hardcore anti-prescriptivist and I actually enjoyed this Weird Al is a wizard

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